Security of any nature is an ever evolving and increasing concern in the world we live in. That’s why within any business or home it is important to make sure you have measures put in place to protect your business and/or personal data.

Now with the use of smartphones, tablets and increased Internet usage there is even more of a reason to be diligent from security breaches, Internet downtime and identity fraud.

McDonell IT Services offers many levels of Managed IT security services from Network, Firewall and Prevention Detection, Email, Web and consultation. We know that there is more to security than just installing a software application. We cover all aspects that are designed to meet the needs of businesses and home users alike.

We will make sure that you are protected both internally and externally, implementing appropriate technologies and experience, providing up to date documented policies and procedures along with statistical reporting on network traffic to give you the peace of mind that measures are in place to protect your business.