All manner of Information Technology is daunting to learn whether it’s someone using email for the first time or trying to view their family photos online, to the IT specialist who has been in the field for over 20 years. Knowone can know everything about Information Technology because it covers too many areas and is part of numerous aspects of ones life.

We understand how frustrating it can be. We know that there are too many people out there that just expect you to know everything in one hour and then walk away leaving you no wiser than when you started.

At McDonell IT Services we treat all people’s knowledge like a jigsaw puzzle; we try and put the right pieces together so they fit to an overall understanding of the problem.

NEVER think that you are beyond learning IT or you are just too old to understand new technology. We make sure that you understand at least a little, no matter how little it is. We want to give you a sense of satisfaction that you have made progress, (even if it’s just turning on the computer).

McDonell IT caters for all levels of computer experience in both Hardware and Software applications such as Windows Operating Systems, Office Products, Email, Photo applications and many more.

If we can’t help you in a specific area we will make sure to find someone for you that can.