The KIS Principal

We use the KIS (Keep IT Simple) principal when assisting our clients with their IT needs as we believe that the easier we make our solutions for you, the less confusion there will be and a better understanding of what you will be provided as a service to your business.  IT Services do not need to be daunting, confusing and frustrating, we make sure your business is completely aware of the benefits they will receive from our services.

Our People

McDonell IT services focusses on business relationships and how to achieve the best results. Our group of IT Professionals and staff are not only friendly, dedicated and professional, we are a completely independent business not relying on just one vendor, henceour mix of skill sets, corporate exposure and communication competencies within varied company departments and portfolios gives us such an eclectic, well rounded and unique group of people that you can not only rely on but retain a strong managing relationship with.

We pride ourselves on building strong business relationships; our staff know just how to maintain that. From Technical engineers, System Analysts and Administrators to Sales Professionals, Accounts and Project Managers, we find the best fit for your needs.

Personal Attention

We need to make sure from the beginning that both parties work together to achieve your business goals. That is why a Mission Accounts Manager will be assigned to your projects and related IT requirements from the beginning. The accounts manager will be the primary point of contact for your requirements and solely responsible for your business needs.